At Connect Executive Search Middle East, we partner with all types organisations from small and medium sized businesses to multinationals wherein we offer an unrivalled and tailorable service for clients across all industries. Our approach to recruitment is focused on a detailed and specialised understanding of the market sectors we are involved in which enables us to meet clients’ recruitment and service requirements at every level.


What Sets Us Apart

Our dedicated team approaches and engages with the highest calibre of candidates from around the globe, while our sector understanding enables us to source the best talent and niche skillsets in a professional, effective and efficient manner.

Moreover, our in-depth interviews enable us to thoroughly evaluate each candidate’s qualifications before sharing their profile with clients, which in return shortens the interview process for the organisation and their HR department.

Networking with clients and candidates on an ongoing basis, we also follow up with both parties to see if they are content with the placement.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is tailored to each and every client wherein each member of our team specialises in a particular industry. This specific set up allows us to have deeper knowledge of the market, including the skill requirements and location of top talent in the region.

Client meeting

We meet with our clients to understand their specific requirements and to receive comprehensive job descriptions.

Vacancy advertisement

We review applications, visit candidate portals and perform direct headhunting searches as well as look into referrals.

Applicant screening

We screen applicants via phone and face-to-face to confirm whether or not they meet the job requirements.

Candidate shortlist

We submit a list of shortlisted candidates to our clients along with our interview notes and references.

Interview set-up

We schedule interviews between candidates and clients, and support our clients by providing formal offers on their behalf.

Reference checking

We perform reference checks as part of our selection process and also verify all submitted document.

Offer negotiation

We negotiate job offers, present contracts, manage counter offers and answer any questions that candidates have.

Relationship management

We maintain contact with candidates and clients throughout the hiring process and after employment to ensure both parties are content.


Executive Search

We provide a specialised recruitment service to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions.

In-House Services

We assist clients who require flexible on-site workforce solutions in managing professional and administrative staff by working to reduce costs and staff turnover whilst increasing productivity. One of our dedicated Account Site Leaders can aid with recruitment and create process efficiencies aligned with clients’ growth plans, thus enabling them to benefit from a committed, engaged, professional and cost-efficient labour force.

Recruitment Campaigns

Analysing clients’ needs and clearly defining deliverables and deadlines, we coordinate and execute every step of the recruitment process, from candidate attraction and advertising to short listing, interview coordination and logistics. We also assist with job offers and contract signing.

With an extensive database of applicants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, we are able to source both local and international experts.

Our recruitment campaigns possess the following characteristics:

  • Clear processes, KPIs and timelines
  • Convenient interview locations
  • Total candidate and response handling
  • True client-supplier partnerships
  • External advertising management

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